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Have a good day – 23/10/’09

Anxiety is one of the greatest traitors that real virtue and solid devotion can ever have. It pretends to warm us to do good works, but doesn’t and we grow cold; it makes us run only to make us trip. One must be careful of this on all occasions particularly at prayer. And to better succeed it would be well to remember that graces and the consolations of prayer are not waters of this earth, but of Hesaven, and that therefore all our efforts are not sufficient to make them fall, even though it is necessary to prepare oneself with great diligence, but always humbly and tranquilly; one must keep one’s heart turned to Heaven and wait from there the heavenly dew.

( Padre Pio Archives,Capuchin friary,San Giovanni Rotondo)

Have a good day – 22/10/’09

Proverbs praises the strong woman:”She puts her hands to the distaff”, we are told, and I willingly say a few words to you on this matter: Your distaff is the accumulation of your desires. Therefore spin a little every day, thread by thread weave your design until it is finished and you will infallibly succeed. But be careful not to hurry, because you will tangle the thread with knots and confuse the spindle. Therefore, advance always, and even if you progress at a slow pace, you will still travel far.

( Letters III,p.568)

Have a good day – 21/10/’09

Do not be saddened by the sad spectacle of human injustice; even this has its value in the economy of things. It is over this that you will one day see arise the inevitable triumph of the justice of God!

(G. Festa, Tra i misteri della scienza e le luci della fede)

Have a good day – 20/10/’09

You should not be discouraged, because if there is in the soul a continual effort to improve, the Lord will finally reward you by suddenly making all the virtues blossom in you as in a garden full of flowers.

(V. Ventrella, Notizie su Padre Pio)

Have a good day – 19/10/’09

Always be happily at peace with your conscience, reflecting that you are in the service of an infinitely good Father, who comes down to his creature out of sheer goodness, to raise and transform him in Him his Creator. And dispel sadness, because this enters in the hearts of those who are attached to the things of this world.

( A. Serritelli,Notizie su Padre Pio)

Have a good day – 18/10/’09

Nor should you become confused, trying to understand whether you consented or not. Do everything with an upright intention; this uprightness which must always be present in your actions, and whenever you valiantly and generously fight the evil tricks of the evil spirit.

( Letters III,p.626)

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