Walk with simplicity in the ways of the Lord and do not torment your spirit. You must hate your faults, but with a quiet hate, noy troublesome and restless. We must be patient with them and gain from them through holy humility. Without that patience, instead of diminishing, your imperfections will increase constantly, as there is nothing that nourishes our defects like restlessness, and the haste to drive them away. ( Letters III,p.583)


Beware of anxiety and restlessness because there is nothing that more greatly impedes progress towards perfection. Sweetly place your heart in the wounds of our Lord, but not with force. Have great confidence in His mercy, because He will never abandon you. But do not fail, for this reason, to tightly embrace His holy Cross. ( Letters III,p.711)


Don’t be upset when you are unable to meditate, receive Communion or carry out all the pious practices. In the meantime, try to make up for this in a different manner, by keeping yourself united to our Lord with a loving will, with ejaculatory prayers and spiritual Communions. ( Letters III,p.427)


Let us walk always, even with slow steps, as long as we have good intentions, we cannot but make progress. No, it is not necessary to be always attentive to everything for the exercise of the virtues. ( Letters III,p.592)


Drive away, once and for all, every perplexity and anxiety, and enjoy in peace, the most sweet pains of the Beloved. ( Letters III, 44o)


May your sermon be continual self – sacrifice; be discreet wherever you go and be like the smile of God. ( F. Morcaldi, 165)


I truly feel my heart bursting from my breast on hearing of your suffering. What wouldn’t I do to see you relieved of it. But why are you so anxious ? Why are you so restless ? Come on, my dear daughter, I have never seen Jesus grant you so many jewels as He does now. I have never seen you so dear to Jesus as you are now. So why do you tremble and fear ? Your fear and trembling is similar to that of a child in the arms of its mother. So your fear is useless and silly. ( Letters III, p.446)


I have nothing to complain of in particular, except this rather bitter agitation of yours, which prevents you from tasting all the sweetness of the Cross. Correct this, and continue to do what you have been doing so well up to now. ( Letters III, p.451)


I beg you not to worry about what I am suffering at present and will suffer in the future. No matter how severe this suffering is, when it is placed before the good that awaits us, it is always a delight for the soul. ( Letters III, p.406)


Be tranquil as far as your soul is concerned. Confide totally, more and more, in Jesus. Make an effort to unite yourself always and everything to the divine will, both in happy and sad events, and don’t worry about the future. ( Letters III, p.459)


Do not fear as regards your spirit: they are tricks, treats and signs of predilection on the part of  the heavenly Spouse who wants to make you similar to Him. Jesus sees the disposition and good will of your soul, which is excellent, and He accepts and rewards this, and not your incapabilities and inabilities, so be tranquil. ( Letters III, p.465)


Don’t tire yourself with things that cause anxieties, perturbation and worries. Only one thing is necessary, to lift up your spirit and love God. (Consigli – Esortazioni di P. Pio)


You are searching feverishly for the Supreme Good, but in truth, He is within you, keeping you stretched out on the naked Cross, breathing strength into you to bear the intolerable torment, and love, that  you may painfully love his love. Your fear of having lost Him, then, is altogether futile, for He quite near and clasps you to Himself. Equally futile is your anxiety for the future, since the present is a crucifixion of love. ( Letters III, p.655)


Those souls who throw themselves into the whirlpool of worldly preoccupations are poor and unfortunate. The more they love the world, the more their passions multiply; the more their desires are lit, the more they find themselves incapable of carrying out their projects, and thus they are uneasy, impatient, affected by that shock that breaks their hearts; those hearts which do not beat with charity and holy love. Let us pray for these unfortunate and miserable souls, that Jesus may forgive them and draw them to Himself in his infinite mercy. ( Letters III, p.1105)


You must not behave violently unless you wish to risk gaining nothing. You must have great Christian prudence. (Letters III, 419/420)


Remember that I am the enemy of useless desires, no less than I am of dangerous and bad desires. Because even though one’s desires are good, nevertheless the desire is always defective in our regard, especially when it is combined with excessive haste. Because God does not expect this sort of good, but He wants us to practise another. ( Letters III, p.583 )


As regards the spiritual trials to which the paternal goodness of the heavenly Father is subjecting you, I beg you to be resigned and if possible tranquil on the assurances of he who takes the place of God, and who speaks to you in his name; who loves you in Him and who desires every blessing for you. You are suffering, it is true, but with resignation. You are suffering, but do not fear, because God is with you and you don’t offend Him, but you love Him. You are suffering, but believe, also, that Jesus is suffering within you, with you, and for you. ( Letters III, p.622 )


Nor should you become confused, trying to understand whether you consented or not. Do everything with an upright intention; this uprightness which must always be present in your actions, and whenever you valiantly and generously fight the evil tricks of the evil spirit. ( Letters III, p.626 )


Always be happily at peace with your conscience, reflecting that you are in the service of an infinitely good Father, who comes down to his creature out of sheer goodness, to raise and transform him in Him his Creator. And dispel sadness, because this enters in the hearts of those who are attached to the things of thiss world. ( A. Serritelli,42) )


You should not be discouraged, because if there is in the soul a continual effort to improve, the Lord will finally reward you by suddenly making all the virtues blossom in you as in a garden full of flowers. (V. Ventrella, 49 )


Do not be saddened by the sad spectacle of human injustice; even this has its value in the economy of things. It is over this that you will one day see arise the inevitable triumph of the justice of God ! ( G. Festa , 175)


Proverbs praises the strong woman: ” She pute her hands to distaff,” we are told, and I willingly say a few words to you on this matter: Your distaff is the accumulation of your desires. Therefore spin a little every day, thread by thread weave your design until it is finished and you will infallibly succeed. But be careful not to hurry, because you will tangle the thread with knots and confuse the spindle. Therefore, advance always, and even if you progress at a solw pace, you will still travel far. ( Letters III, p.568 )


Anxiety is one of the greatest traitors that real virtue and solid devotion can ever have. It pretends to warm us to do good works, but doesn’t and we grow cold; it makes us run only to make us trip. One must be careful of this on all occasions particularly at prayer. And to better succeed it would be well to remember that graces and the consolations of prayer are not waters of this earth, but of Heaven, and that therefore all our efforts are not sufficient to make them fall, even though it is necessary to prepare oneself with great diligence, but always humbly and tranquilly; one must keep one’s heart turned to Heaven and wait from there the heavenly dew. ( P. Pio Archives )


Why should you worry if Jesus wants to make you reach the heavenly homeland through deserts or fields, when we get to blessed eternity anyway either by one or the other ? Cast aside all excessive preoccupations that derive from the trials the good God sends you; and if this is not possible, do not think about it and be resigned in everything to the Divine will. ( A. Del Fante, 561 )


Let us keep well in mind what the divine Master said: in our patience we will possess our souls. ( A. Del Fante, 560)


Don’t lose heart if it is your lot to work a lot and gather little. If you considered what one soul alone costs Jesus, you would never complain. ( P. Pio Archives)


The Spirit of God is a spirit of peace and even in the most serious faults He makes us feel a sorrow that is tranquil, humble, and confident and this is precisely because of his mercy. The spirit of the devil, instead, excites, exasperates and makes us feel, in that very sorrow, anger against ourselves, whereas we should on the contrary be charitable with ourselves first and foremost. Therefore if any thought agitates you, this agitation never comes from God, who gives you peace, being the Spirit of Peace, but from the devil. ( A. Del Fante, 549)


If we are calm and patient, we will not only find ourselves, but also our souls and, with it, God. ( A. Del Fante, 549)


The struggle we have prior to a good work we intend to do is like the antiphon that precedes the solemn psalm to be sung. ( F. Morcaldi, 166)


The desire to be in eternal peace is good and holy, but you must moderate this with complete resignation to the divine will. It is better to do the divine will on earth, than to enjoy Paradise. To suffer and not to die, was Saint Teresa’s motto. Purgatory is sweet when one suffers for love of God. ( Letters III, p.553)


Patience is more perfect when it is less mixed up with worries and disturbances. If the good God wants to prolong the time of trial, do not complain or try to investigate the reason, but remember the following: That the children of Israel travelled for forty years in the desert before setting foot in the Promised Land. ( Letters III, p.541)

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