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Have a good day – 17/10/’09

As regards the spiritual trials to which the paternal goodness of the heavenly Father is subjecting you, I

beg you to be resigned and if possible tranquil on the assurances of he who takes the place of God, and

who speaks to you in his name; who desires every blessing for you. Leggi tutto »

Have a good day – 16/10/’09

Remember that I am the enemy of useless desires, no less than I am of dangerous and bad desires. Because even though one’s desires are good, nevertheless the desire is always defective in our regard, especially when it is combined with excessive haste.  Because God does not expect this sort of good, but He wants us to practise another.

( Letters III, p.583)

Have a good day – 15/10/’09

You must not behave violently unless you wish to risk gaining nothing.

You must have great Christian prudence.

( Letters III,pp.419/420 )

Have a good day – 14/10/’09

Those souls who throw themselves into the whirlpool of worldly preoccupations are poor and unfortunate. The more they love the world, the more their passions multiply; the more their desires are lit, the more they find themselves incapable of  carrying out their projects, and thus they are uneasy, impatient, affected by that shock that breaks their hearts; those hearts which do not beat with charity and holy love. Let us pray for these unfortunate and miserable souls, that Jesus may forgive them and draw them to Himself in his infinite mercy.

( Letters III, p.1105 )

Have a good day – 13/10/’09

You are searching feverishly for the Supreme Good, but in truth, He is within you, keeping you stretched out on the naked Cross, breathing strength into you to bear the intolerable torment, and love, that you may painfully love his love. Your fear of having lost Him, then, is altogether futile, for He is quite near and clasps you to Himself. Equally futile is your anxiety for the future, since the present is a crucifixion of love.

( Letters III,p.655 )

Have a good day – 12/10/’09-

Don’ t tire yourself with things that cause anxieties, perturbation and worries.

Only one thing is necessary, to lift up your spirit and love God.

(Consigli-Esortazioni di Padre Pio)

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