Oh,how beautiful is God’s praise on the children’s mouth. Now it’s a prophecy. Beautiful the same. The well in question is located at Piana Romana.


Rudimentary tools

and the strength of a lion.

You, Grazio, dig and dig.

The well is deep,

but you can’t see any water.

Your child follows

everything carefully.

You’re disappointed and tired

and impatient.

He comes and reassures you.

“ O dad, be calm.

You’ll see how much water is inside!

But don’t find there.

Here, here it is,

and only just under the ground.”

“ Francesco, don’t joke!

Poor you if you’re wrong!

I’ll let you down into the well.

And you aren’t Giuseppe

saved by the traders.”

You were right Grazio

to listen to your child.

Now the well is there

and the pilgrims know

it’s Francesco’s water.

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