This lot doesn’t decide a very important choice, but Lord, in his own way, goes on showing which feast master he wishes this time.

Feast Master

The priest announces:

“ God’s will

is deciding the lot ”.

The candidates pay

attention piously.

In the middle of the room,

on a rough small table,

there is the ballot box with the names inside.

The baby’s hand

slips and catches by chance.

The elder delegate

articulates in a loud voice:

“ Forgione Grazio ”.Ohè!

Everybody talks and discusses.

Many people are puzzled.

They come to a decision.

“ You can’t:you are too young! ”

Replace the name in the box.

Repeat the drawing.

Forgione bends his head.

Mixed the names again

inside that ballot box,

twice more,

the fate wants him!

“ You are the Feast Master ! ”

Translated by Marilisa Cannarsa

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