While God leaves his soul in his mother’s breast, he sometimes commits to her heart the secrets about the creature that will be born from her. They are like reflected rays of the same love.

The  Secret

Father St. Francis came to say:

“ One day this child will become mine ”.

Mum Josephine, a woman with a strong faith,

heard these words clearly  in a dream,

always keeps them closed in her heart.

She pushes forward her imagination

weaving her son’s future.

The ways grow intertwined in her spirit

and she wants to follow him going away.

Her Francis goes with St.Francis.

She breast-feeds and clasps to her bosom

the baby that is happy while looking at her,

and then singing a lullaby rocks the cradle,

always concentrated to perceive a whisper

of God’s Angel.

And if the baby can’t get to sleep,

his mum sings to her baby like this:

“ Mum’s darling, sleep;

like Infant Jesus, sleep;

when you grow up, you’ll stay up with Jesus.

I can’t add anything else singing;

I know Father St.Francis watches over you.

Since he chose you as his dearest son,

I gave you his name, my baby.

This is the nice secret of my heart ”.

Translated by Marilisa Cannarsa

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