The resurrection is certaintyof faith. Every Christian man faced with the fear of the death can cry: ” O death, where is your victory? ” (1 Cor.15,55). This victory is as big as the truth of the resurrection of Christ. He said: “ I am resurrection and life; who believes in me, even if dead, will live; anyone lives and believes in me, won’t die forever “.  (Gv 11,25-26)

San Giovanni Rotondo 17/4/1919-Ep.III,pp.437-438 (ad A.Di Tommaso)

“ May Jesus be always yours and change you fully into himself up to his complete possession in the heavenly glory! This is my wish for the Easter holidays. May Jesus grant it like my heart wishes ”.


Will the strength that changes

the dry trunk into a blaze surprise you?

That makes live what is dead,

and setting fire to so many dry trunks,

can fill the dark world with light?

Seated on the bank of the stream,

you see the wave running far.

At first it bounces among the rocks,

then, embroidering some crystal-clear folds,

smiles from the dead pebbly shore.

So our life runs down to the  plain,

leaving its share on the earth.

And the soul, white cloud,gets ready

To go up the celestial spheres

looking for the endless light.

God flings the doors of his heaven open

to anyone bringing the signs of the victory

printed by the baptism of the water,

or by the baptism of the blood

in the name of his Son become a man.

The days of the death will be over,

and all the bodies gone down to the tombs

will overturn the stone that covers them.

The shout of the Life will be powerful:

Resurrection! And we with you,Jesus!

Translated by Marilisa Cannarsa

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