God,punishing the sin,didn’t stop to love us,on the contrary at the same time he established the victory on the sin,through Jesus Christ. This is the hallelujah of the Heaven. This is the hallelujah of the Earth.

San Giovanni Rotondo 5/4/1917-Ep.III,p.685 (ad Erminia Gargani)

“…may all the blessings of the risen Jesus Christfill your heart up to the complete transformation into the divine charity!”


Who gave us life

didn’t efface love

punishing for justice

by the sting of the sorrow

and the shadow of death.

The Son became incarnate

and lived here for a long time.

He suffered our destiny.

Dying on the cross,

he washed the extreme damage.

The soul can already enjoy

the eternal prize in the Heaven

and wait for the great day

when, joined again to the body,

will celebrate life.

When the trumpet blows,

when the Eternal hints

the Earth will rise

and the just will sing

the cry of victory.

It’s Easter of life.

It’s Easter of joy.

It’s Easter of glory.

It’s the hallelujah to Christ.

It’s the hallelujah to the Saints.

Translated by Marilisa Cannarsa

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