Father Pio asked me: ” Where are you from? ” I wondered whether Father Pio could locate my birthplace just saying simply its name. I answered: ”I am from Pescara ”. Father Pio didn’t say anything but  thought of my answer and whispered it; maybe he wasn’t satisfied but I didn’t add anything else. I wasn’t so fine, he came near me and started speaking  with an accurate accent typical of my town. Everything was clear: not only he knew about my town but even its dialect indeed. I couldn’t ask him anything. Moreover I didn’t expect any answer that you can easily guess. Just this one is the reason of my witness.


The Father asked me:

“ Where are you from? ”

I should  only say:

I am from Guardiagrele.

But is it clear enough?

I don’t think

There is a long time

So I answer:

“ I am from Pescara ”

Fathe Pio doesn’t object.

But very soon my conscience

Pricks and troubles me.

I was injust twice:

To Father PIo

And to my town too.

It was a mistake,

How could I remedy?

By the grace of God

Some hours later

We are together again.

Father Pio has a smile for me

And says some sentences

In a perfect accent

Typical of my dear dialect.

Oh, lesson is over!

Translated by Marilisa Cannarsa

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