Francesco is a prophetic name. Mother Giuseppa, like the biblical Elizabeth,was informed because of her maternal privilege.

From 9 p.m. every 3 hours the changing of the guard,for the night vigil, took place according to the roman tradition. Little Francesco was born at about 9p.m..It’s the Virgin Mary’s month ,always so dear to Padre Pio. Mamma Giuseppa decides date and time for the baptism that will be administered in the Church of St.Mary of the Angels. Everybody has a good time but maybe only the new born sees the angels singing around him. The children are waiting outside the church to taste the good sugared almonds that their relatives throw in the air in sign of great joy.


The ancient guard got ready

To hold the first of the four vigils,

That would end just in the following morning.

The Lord chose that time

to introduce a new sun to the world.

On the 25th of May,Wednesday.

“ His name will be Francesco ” she said.

It’s mother’s will: it must be respected!

He was brought  into the church the following day

to make him the son of God by grace.

The way is Saint Mary of the Angels,

he has surely the angels as an escort.

Saint Mary of the Angels receives him.

She’s the Queen of the Saint of Assisi,

she’s the Queen of the future great son.

Nicolantonio Orlando is the priest

who carries out the holy rite of baptism.

The crowd of relatives is near him.

A lot of children are waiting outside,

hoping to eat  some sugared almonds.

But maybe only the revived baby

Is happy to be celebrated

by a crowd of angels and saints.

Virgin Mary carries him in her hands.

Jesus smiles and says: ” Hail, Pious! ”

Tanslated by Marilisa Cannarsa

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