The place where a man of God rests his gaze, in the ground marked by his footprints, in the house where he leans his body to rest and in the hearts loved by his heart, God’s blessing is  just there.

25th of May.

Your maternal heart

Rejoices, pious Giuseppa.

What a delicious baby!

He took his beauty from you,

From the Heaven so much light.

Your infant’s look

Makes you smile.

You, mother, predict

God’s will

On this sweet child.

The world doesn’t know

The grace of this event,

But very soon

Will see the glorious signals

And will be delighted with you.

Tenderly you’ ll

Feed him on your milk,

Temper him with your faith.

The generous Grazio

Will stand by you.

Goodness, wisdom and strength

will shine inside him

In a perfect harmony.

Following S.Francis,

he will reach the purpose.

Translated by Marilisa Cannarsa

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