Every christian might be called, as a consequence of Baptism,” Christ epiphany ”. It’s like this if to the baptismal gracefulness he adds a life style that makes him” Christ witness ”. The whole Padre Pio life,just for this,is nothing but “ an epiphany ”.


Crying epiphany.

Joy epiphany.

While the bells are ringing

God is singing in my heart:

this is my time!

I regulated winds.

I piloted the course

of your childhood.

The ship now is pointing

at more distant countries.

Bright days and

very dark nights will alternate.

Not always you’ll be allowed

to see me,

but I’ll stand by you.

Humankind needs

another my signal.

You’ll lift the cross.

You’ll say that Christ is alive.

You’ll say he is my Son!

You ‘ll say that I love all of them.

You’ll say that I forgive them.

That’s enough with the offence

and the world must come back to God.

I send you near everybody, Pio.

Translated by Marilisa Cannarsa

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