Maria,  the  Holy Spirit  that  will wrap you in the mystery of the Incarnation is ” love that wishes love “.  ” More than a wedding veil/ wraps all your soul./More than the human devoting,/from which life springs up,/makes your heart beating “.

The Fruit

The  Archangel’s announcement

makes trembling our mind,

that remains on the threshold

of that divine mystery

you already belong to.

Only you conceived

without any fault,

that wounds all of us,

only you can have

Jesus in your breast.

But the ” acceptance” of your mind

isn’t enough to give the Fruit

that the Heaven wishes from you.

This wedding “ yes ” is

love that wishes love.

More than a wedding veil

wraps all your soul.

More than the human devoting,

from which life springs up,

makes your heart beating.

You conceive a Man,

but you  have God in your breast.

So the Bridegroom wanted a virgin breast

for the divine Fruit

“More than wedding veil.

Translated by Marilisa Cannarsa

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