In the charity grew la Casa del Sollievo, in the faith the “ prayer groups ”. His name resounds all over the world.  As Francesco gave glory to Assisi, Padre Pio gives fame to San Giovanni Rotondo.


This name resounds all over the world.

It’s invoked with a very sweet fervour.

It’s  already sang with a deep joy

by the one who chooses you as his own mediator.

Your life is the pride of the faith.

The charity made you founder

of the hospital Casa del Sollievo.

Your love for God convinced you

to bear the Cross as a relief,

to lift Christ from the cross.

The great meeting place is on the altar

to prepare hearts to the new light;

and crowds gather to wait for

the big consolation of your words

the holy forgiveness and advice.

You were flagellated by those “cosacci”

and your name puts them to flight.

You were consumed by the pain

now eternal youth and without any wrinkle

the right judge gives you as a prize.

The name Padre Pio suits you.

Infact you have got thousands of sons

and pitifully you bring back the world to God.

If, for Francesco, Assisi sparkles,

through you San Giovanni covered itself with glory.

Translated by Marilisa Cannarsa

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