My Lord,You created energy,You ordered the creation,You lead the universe. You put the man on the earth like a flower in a flowerbed. In any love action,You make a life blossom. But divine life is Eucharist,where Jesus gives himself to us.

Bread of the chosen

My Lord, you created,

the powerful energy

that gives perpetual motion

to the immense universe.

Wonder always new.

If the  crowds reboiling

is now a distant dance,

in a wonderful variety

came out the shape

of the stars and the planets.

And blossomed life

for which is enough only time.

To dominate the world

you created the man at last

as a spark of your love.

You,life of every life,

came to us, Jesus.

And faithfully come back

to the consecration of the host.

You are bread for the chosen.

I receive you in my heart

that wishes only you.

Fed by you, Jesus,

I am more and more hungry for you.

Oh!Delicious longing!

Translated by Marilisa Cannarsa

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