Take no notice, my son, let them publish what they like. I fear God’s judgement and not that of men. Only sin is to be feared because it offends God and dishonours us. ( Padre Pio Archives)


Divine Goodness not only does not reject repentant souls, but even goes in search of obstinate ones. ( Consigli – Esortazioni, 11)


When you are in a state of abjection imitate the Kingfishers who build their nests on the masts of ships, which are raised above the earth. Raise your hearts and your thoughts to God who alone can console you and give you the strength to sustain your trials in a holy way. ( V. Ventrella – Notizie su Padre Pio, 48)


Your Kingdom is not far away, allow us to participate in Your triumph on earth to then partecipate in Your Kingdom in Heaven. Grant that, being unable to contain the communication of Your charity, we preach Your divine regality by our example and good works. Take possession of our hearts in time to possess them in eternity. Keep us under Your sceptre so that neither life nor death can separate us from You. Let our lives be drawn from You in large draughts of love which will then extend over humanity and let us die at every moment to live only for You and keep You in our hearts. ( Letters. IV, p.888)


Let us do good while we still have time, and we will render glory to our heavenly Father, sanctify ourselves, and give good example to others. ( Letters III, p.401)


When you are unable to take big steps on the path that leads to God, be content with little steps, patiently waiting until you have the legs to run; or better still, wings to fly. Be content with being, for now, a little bee in a hive, which will soon become a big bee, capable of producing honey. (Letters III, pp. 435-436)


Lovingly humble yourself before God and man, because God speaks to the humble. Love silence, because much talk is never without sin. Withdraw into yourself as much as you can, because, in this way, the Lord speaks freely to the soul, and the soul is more able to listen to his voice. Cut down on your visits to people, and bear those visits made to you in a Christian manner.                   (Letters III, p. 436)


God is served only when He is served as He wishes to be. ( Consigli – Esortazioni, 19)


In short, don’t philosophize on your defects; don’t reply but carry on firmly. No, God could not lose you when, in order to avoid losing Him you persist in your resolutions. Let the world turn upside down, let everything be in darkness, in smoke, in confusion, but God is with us, what can we fear therefore? If God lives in the darkness and on Mount Sinai amidst the thunder and lightning, shouldn’t we be happy, knowing we are close to Him ? ( Letters III, p. 584)


Thank God and gently kiss his hand which strikes you; it is always the hand of a Father who strikes because He loves you.  (Consigli- Esortazioni di Padre Pio, 25 )


Fear is an evil worse than evil itself. ( Consigli- Esortazioni di Padre Pio, 33 )


To doubt is the greatest insul to Divinity. ( Consigli- Esortazioni di Padre Pio, 35 )


It is by means of trials that God binds to Him the souls He loves. ( A. Serritelli – Notizie su Padre Pio, 44 )


He who attaches himself to the earth remains attached to it. It is better to detach oneself little by little instead of all at once. Let us always think of Heaven. ( Consigli- Esortazioni di Padre Pio, 64 )


To fear losing yourself in the arms of divine Goodness, is stranger than the fear of an infant held tightly in its mother’s arms. ( Letters III, p. 642 )


You must cultivate this wellformed heart, carefully, and spare nothing which could be useful to its happiness. Even though in every season – that is, at every age – you can and must do this, your present age is the most suitable. ( Letters III, pp. 421- 422 )


As regards your reading there is very little to be admired and hardly anything by which to be edified. It is absolutely necessary for you to add to such reading that of the holy books ( Sacred Scripture) so highly recommended by all the holy Fathers of the Church. I cannot dispense you from such spiritual reading, for I have your perfection too much at heart. If you want to gain the quite unhoped – for fruit from such reading, it will be well to rid yourself of the prejudice you have with regard to the style and form in which these holy books are set forth. Get to work then. Make an effort in this respect and don’t neglect to ask the divine assistance with all humility. ( Letters II, p. 153 )


All the feasts of the Church are beautiful. Easter, yes, is glorification but Christmas has a tenderness, a child – like sweetness that completely captivates my heart. ( G. De Rossi – Padre Pio da Pietrelcina, 75 )


May the Holy family never withdraw its loving gaze from you and your family. Model yourselves on it and you will have peace, and spiritual and temporal well – being ( Letters IV, p. 1000 )


Poverty, humility, degradation, contempt surround the Word made flesh. But from the darkness in which this Word made flesh is enveloped, we understand one thing, we hear a voice, we catch a glimpse of a sublime truth. All this He has done out of love, and He does nothing but invite us to love; He speaks of nothing else but love; He gives nothing but proof of love. ( Letters IV, pp. 972 – 973 )


Stay very close to the crib of this most beautiful Child, especially during these days of this birth. If you love riches, here you will find the gold the Kings left Him. If you love the smoke of honours, here you will find that of incense. And if you love the delicacy of the senses, you will smell the perfumed myrrh which perfumes the entire holy stable. ( Letters III, p. 889 )


May the Child Jesus be your guiding star in the desert of this present life. ( Padre Pio  Archives )


Faith also guides us and we follow securely in its light the way which leads to God, His homeland, just as the holy Magi, guided by the star, symbol of faith, reached the desired place. ( Letters IV, p. 980 )


Don’t let your zeal be bitter, fussy, aggravating or a cause of uneasiness, but let it be free from all defects: Let it be sweet, benevolent, gracious, peaceful and uplifting. Ah, who cannot see the dear little Infant of Bethlehem in the event for which we are preparing ? Who does not see his incomparable love for souls ? He comes to die in order to save, and He is so humble, sweet and lovable. ( Letters III, p. 469 – 470 )


Live joyfully and courageously, at least in the upper part of the soul, amidst the trials in which the Lord places you. Live joyfully and courageously, I repeat, because the Angel who foretells the birth of our little Saviour and Lord, announces singing, and sings announcing that he brings tidings of joy, peace and happiness to men of good – will. So that there is nobody who does not know that in order to receive this Child it is sufficient to be of goodwill. ( Letters III, p. 470 )


From the time of his birth Jesus points out our mission, which is to despise what the world loves and seeks. ( Letters IV, p. 973 )


Jesus calls the poor and simple shepherds by means of angels to manifest Himself to them. he calls the learned men by means of their science. And all of them moved interiorly by grace hasten to adore Him. He calls all of us with divine inspirations and He communicates Himself to us with his grace. How many times has He not lovingly invited us also ? And with what promptitude have we replied ? My God I blush and am filled with confusion at having to reply to such a question. ( Letters IV, pp. 977 – 978 )


The worldly, engulfed in their affairs, live in obscurity and error, nor do they try to learn about God, or give a thought to their eternal salvation, or try to find out about the coming of that longedfor Messiah who was awaited by men and prophesied and predicted by the prophets. ( Letters IV, p. 979 )


And yet, once our last hour has come, and our hearts have ceased to beat, everything will be finished for us and the time to merit as well as to demerit. We will present ourselves to Christ the Judge just as death finds us. Our cries of supplication, our tears, our sighs of repentance, which while still on earth would have won God’s heart, could have made us with the help of the sacraments, saints out of sinners, today is worthless; the time of mercy is passed, now begins the time of justice. ( Letters IV, p. 964 )


It is difficult to become saints. Difficult but not impossible. The road to perfection is long, just as long as a lifetime. Consolation is rest along the way, but as soon as your strength is restored, you must get up diligently and continue the race. ( Padre Pio Archives)


The palm of victory is reseved only for those who fight up to the end. Therefore let us begin this year our holy battle. God will assist us and crown us with eternal triumph. ( Letters IV, p. 967 )

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