stringersi a gesù - Copia – Cling to Jesus -

From Padre Pio writings:

My daughters, try as best you can, without excessive anxiety, to do what you must and wish to do with perfection. But once it is done, think no more about it, but rather, attend only to what you must and want to do or to what you are doing. Walk with simplicity in the ways of the Lord and do not torment your spirit. You must hate your faults, but with a quiet hate, not troublesome and restless. We must be patient with them and gain from them through holy humility. Without that patience, my good daughters, instead of diminishing, your imperfections will increase constantly, as there is nothing that nourishes our defects like restlessness, and the haste to drive them away. ( Letters III,582/583)

From Padre Pio writings:

Listen to our Lord who says to Abraham and to you also: do not fear, I am your protector. What do you seek on earth if not God? You possess him and I am not lying in this. Be firm in your resolutions: stay in the boat in which ( the Lord ) has placed you and let the storm come: long live Jesus! You will not perish. He may sleep, but at the opportune time, he will awaken to restore your calm. Sacred Scripture says that when Saint Peter saw the violent storm, he was frightened, and trembling, he exclaimed: “ Lord, save me!” And, taking him by the hand, our Lord said to him: Man of little faith. Why do you fear?(Mt 14:31; Mt 8:26). Observe, my daughters, this holy apostle: he walks with dry feet on the waters; the winds and waves do not cause him to be submerged, but fear of the wind and waves discourages him. Fear is a greater evil than evil itself. (Letters III, 584)

From Padre Pio writings:

You are walking on the sea amidst the wind and waves, but remember that you are with Jesus. What need you fear? But if fear takes you by surprise, shout loudly: “ O Lord save us!” He will hold out his hand to you; hold onto it tightly and walk joyfully. In short, don’t philosophize on your defects; don’t reply but carry on firmly. No, God could not lose you, when, in order to avoid losing him, you persist in your resolutions. Let the world turn upside down, let everything be in darkness, in smoke in confusion, but God is with us, what can we fear therefore? If God lives in the darkness, and on Mount Sinai amidst the thunder and lightning, shouldn’t we be happy knowing we are close to him? ( Letters III,584)

Edited by Melchiorre of Pobladura and Alessandro of Ripabottoni

2nd Edition English version 2001. Edited by Father Gerardo Di Flumeri, O.F.M. Cap.

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