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Have a good day – 22/11/’09

Place all you worries in God alone, because He has the greatest care of you, and those three angelic children with whom He has blessed you. By their conduct, these children will be a comfort and consolation to you during your lifetime. Take care, not so much of their scientific as of their moral education. And you should take this very seriously, and guard it as the pupil of your eye. As you educate their minds with good studie, assure the education of their hearts, along with that of our holy religion; one without the other causes a mortal wound to the human heart. Leggi tutto »

Have a good day – 20/11/’09

Courage, courage, children are not nails.

( Padre Pio Archives)

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Coraggio, coraggio, i figli non chiodi!

Have a good day – 19/11/’09

May God’s blessing accompany, sustain and guide you! Form a Christian family if you want a little bit of peace in this life. May the Lord give you children and then the grace to direct them on the way to Heaven. Leggi tutto »

Have a good day – 18/11/’09

God gave me my poor sister, and God has taken her away. Blessed be his holy name. In this resignation and exclamation I find the strength to avoid giving way to sorrow. I exhort you, too, to resign yourselves to the divine will, and you will find, like me, relief for your sorrow.

( Epist. IV, p.904)

Have a good day – 17/11/’09

There is nothing more nauseating than a woman, especially if she is married, who is fickle, frivolous and haughty. The Christian wife must be a woman of sound piety towards God, an angel of peace in the family, dignified and pleasant towards others. Leggi tutto »

Have a good day – 16/11/’09

The principal self-denial takes place in the home.

( F. Morcaldi, San Giovanni Rotondo nella luce del Francescanesimo)

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L’abnegazione principale è quella che si esercita al focolare domestico.

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