Nest of innocence

Mother’s love, together the fascinating nature and God too, protects some innocent sleeping babies.


Francesco and his little brothers

inthis small room

fell asleep in the evening,


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At the village festival

The village festival causes relief and joy,but little Francesco’s heart is lacerated by the scene of a monstrous little boy and his desperate mother.The miracle, propitiated by his deeply felt prayer, becomes for him an anxiety because the crowd on impulse throngs round him.

At the village festival

Pellegrino, great Saint,

is celebrated in Irpinia.

With ardor people go

to sing the holy praises

and to implore new graces.

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The play

Children will go into the kingdom of Heaven. Children are Jesus’s favourite. This play is a divine strategy.

Pietrelcina 14/10  1912; Ep.I,p.308

“… I see … the Paradise in front of me; gladdened by this vision I sleep in a smile of sweet bliss on my lips and with a perfect calm on my forehead,waiting that my childhood little companion will wake me up so that we can give together he morning praises to pleasure of our hearts ”.

The Play

My Jesus, how wonderful to see you again!

I wake up at the sunrise every morning

And wait breathless.

Then  a painful worry nags me

So that I can’t eat anymore.

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It’s an Announcement

At Christmas Eve, before going to church,the family is praying around the fireplace, where the traditional log is burning. Little Francis is touched and, thrilled, admires the scene of Bethlem. Infant Jesus caresses the little boy from Pietrelcina. Now Mary’s smile confirms that the baby with his life will be the Redeemer’s announcement.

It’s an Announcement

In the fireplace the log is already burning.

All around it,all the faces form a ring.

The prayer is rising softly.

The whirling flame paints them

as giants on the ceiling and the wall.

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Feast Master

This lot doesn’t decide a very important choice, but Lord, in his own way, goes on showing which feast master he wishes this time.

Feast Master

The priest announces:

“ God’s will

is deciding the lot ”.

The candidates pay

attention piously.

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It’s a Royal Palace

It looks like Bethlem hut. Maybe in addition Grazio had that log to burn so that small children could warm themselves.


Enter here respectful.

Stop here meditating.

Just in this place

food was prepared,

people had meals.

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