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Grateful to the God – 26/09/’06-

grati-al-signore-300x200 – Grateful to the God -

From Padre Pio writings:

And who is not well with Jesus ? What soul, thinking of what the divine Master declared : ” I delight in the sons of men “, doesn’t feel itself filled with infinite happiness ? What soul, to whom Jesus has given himself as its inheritance, can be unhappy ? Is he not the same Jesus who is the delight of the angels, and the only object of the heavenly Father’s pleasure ? Therefore you are quite right to say you are well with Jesus. ( Letters III,100) Leggi tutto »

Exhortation to prayer – 19/01/’10 -


From Padre Pio writings:

All of us are not called by God to save souls and propagate His glory by the noble apostolate of preaching. Remember, moreover, that this is not the only means of achieving these two great ideals. One can promote God’s glory and work for the salvation of souls by means of a truly Christian life, by praying without ceasing that “His kingdom come”, that His name “be hallowed”, that “we may not be led into temptation” and that He “deliver us from evil”. ( Letters II, p.77) Leggi tutto »

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