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Thy will be done – 12/07/’11

– Thy will be done -

From Padre Pio writtings:

God, who has bestowed so many benefits on us, is satisfied with such a very insignificant gift as that of our will. Let us offer it to him along with the divine Master Himself in that most sublime prayer, the Our Father: Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven ( Mt 6:10) … We must remember, though, that when our divine Master addressed to His Father on our behalf those words of the Lord’s Prayer ” thy will be done “, his divine mind showed him very clearly how difficult it would be for us to do what He had promised the Father for us … Our good Jesus … perceived through His divine eyes and weighed up our immense weakness, which very often prevents us from carrying out God’s will so that we invent obstacles or rather we pretend not to know what His will is. ( Letters II, p.357 )

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Padre Pio, the love of Jesus – 14/07/’09

– Padre Pio, the love of Jesus -

From Padre Pio writtings:

This is just a pallid idea of what Jesus is doing within me. Just as torrent carries down to the depths of the sea everything it encounters on its way, so also my soul, immersed in the boundless ocean of Jesus’ love, by no merit of my own and without my being able to explain it, carries all its treasures along with it. But, my dear Father, as I write where do my thoughts fly? To the great day of my ordination … I have already begun to experience again the happiness of that day which is so sacred for me. Already this morning I began to have a taste of paradise … and what will it be when we taste it for all eternity? When I compare the peace of heart I experienced on that day with the peace of heart I have begun to feel since the eve of this feast, I find no difference … How happy I was and how I rejoiced on that day! ( Letters I, 335/336)

From Padre Pio writtings:

Accompany me continually, then, by your prayers that the divine Shepherd may give me what is lacking to me. Ask Him to give me the holiness of life that I lack. Oh, if  only I could say at least once with the apostle of the nations, raising my voice to tell everybody: ” Be imitators of me as I am of Christ “  ( 1Cor 4:16; 11:1 ) But alas, everything is lacking to me and I expect all things from your insistent prayers and those of others to the Heart of God. ( Letters II, 558 ) Leggi tutto »

- The power of the Holy Spirit and Mary – 22/05/2007

– The power of the Holy Spirit and Mary -

From Padre Pio writtings:

What a joy it is to serve Jesus in the desert without manna, water, or any other consolation, except that of being led by him and suffering for him! May the most holy Virgin be born in our hearts, to bring us her blessings. ( Letters III, 487) Leggi tutto »

- Faith is to calm the spirit – 15/02/’11

– Faith is to calm the spirit -

From Padre Pio writings:

Let us always keep before our eyes the fact that here on earth we are on a battlefield and that  in paradise we shall receive the crown of victory; that this is a testing – ground and the prize will be awarded up above; that we are now in a land of exile, while our true homeland is heaven to which we must continually aspire. Let us live, then … with a lively faith, a firm hope and an ardent love, with eyes fixed on heaven and the keenest desire, as long as we are travellers, to dwell one day in heaven whenever this is pleasing to God. ( Letters II,470) Leggi tutto »

God is our Source – 18/01/2011

– God is our Source -

From Padre Pio writings:

I do not conceal from you … that it afflicts my heart to see so many souls apostatizing from Jesus. What freezes the blood close to my heart is the fact that many of these souls become estranged from God solely because they are deprived of the divine word. The harvest is great but the labourers are few. Who is then to reap the harvest in the fields of the Church when it is almost ripe? Will it be scattered on the ground by reason of the scarcity of workers ? … Let us pray for the cause of holy Church, our most tender Mother; we must consecrate and sacrifice ourselves totally to God for this purpose and meanwhile go on waiting and expecting. ( Letters I, 523 ) Leggi tutto »

God loves us – 23/11/’10

– God loves us-

From Padre Pio writings:

… We are never done trying to improve our appearence. Indeed, all our efforts are direct towards improving the body and making it more and more beautiful. Less attention is perhaps devoted to the soul, which we may have treated as a negligible quantity. Well, then, if Providence has deprived us of our motive for neglecting spiritual things while we were busy improving our bodily life, God in his infinite wisdom has placed in our hands all the necessary means for the embellishment of our souls, even after we have disfigured them by sin. The soul’s cooperation with divine grace is all that is required to enable it to develop, to reach such a degree of splendour and beauty as to attract, not so much the loving and astonished gaze of the angels, but the gaze of God Himself, according to the testimony of Holy Scripture: ” The King, that is, God, will desire your beauty “. ( Ps 45:11) ( Letters II, 241) Leggi tutto »

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