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The Secret

While God leaves his soul in his mother’s breast, he sometimes commits to her heart the secrets about the creature that will be born from her. They are like reflected rays of the same love.

The  Secret

Father St. Francis came to say:

“ One day this child will become mine ”.

Mum Josephine, a woman with a strong faith,

heard these words clearly  in a dream,

always keeps them closed in her heart.

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The resurrection is certaintyof faith. Every Christian man faced with the fear of the death can cry: ” O death, where is your victory? ” (1 Cor.15,55). This victory is as big as the truth of the resurrection of Christ. He said: “ I am resurrection and life; who believes in me, even if dead, will live; anyone lives and believes in me, won’t die forever “.  (Gv 11,25-26)

San Giovanni Rotondo 17/4/1919-Ep.III,pp.437-438 (ad A.Di Tommaso)

“ May Jesus be always yours and change you fully into himself up to his complete possession in the heavenly glory! This is my wish for the Easter holidays. May Jesus grant it like my heart wishes ”.


Will the strength that changes

the dry trunk into a blaze surprise you?

That makes live what is dead,

and setting fire to so many dry trunks,

can fill the dark world with light?

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It’s Easter

God,punishing the sin,didn’t stop to love us,on the contrary at the same time he established the victory on the sin,through Jesus Christ. This is the hallelujah of the Heaven. This is the hallelujah of the Earth.

San Giovanni Rotondo 5/4/1917-Ep.III,p.685 (ad Erminia Gargani)

“…may all the blessings of the risen Jesus Christfill your heart up to the complete transformation into the divine charity!”


Who gave us life

didn’t efface love

punishing for justice

by the sting of the sorrow

and the shadow of death.

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Supreme Will

This reality must let the believers from Pietrelcina meditate; just because of a fellow. Citizen giant in the faith, they feel rightly proud,but at the same time obliged to a strong Christian Witness.

Supreme Will

O loved Pietrelcina,

your ancient temple

is a sacred guard.

The rock where it’s founded

is Christ’s creed.

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New Sun

Francesco is a prophetic name. Mother Giuseppa, like the biblical Elizabeth,was informed because of her maternal privilege.

From 9 p.m. every 3 hours the changing of the guard,for the night vigil, took place according to the roman tradition. Little Francesco was born at about 9p.m..It’s the Virgin Mary’s month ,always so dear to Padre Pio. Mamma Giuseppa decides date and time for the baptism that will be administered in the Church of St.Mary of the Angels. Everybody has a good time but maybe only the new born sees the angels singing around him. The children are waiting outside the church to taste the good sugared almonds that their relatives throw in the air in sign of great joy.


The ancient guard got ready

To hold the first of the four vigils,

That would end just in the following morning.

The Lord chose that time

to introduce a new sun to the world.

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25th of May

The place where a man of God rests his gaze, in the ground marked by his footprints, in the house where he leans his body to rest and in the hearts loved by his heart, God’s blessing is  just there.

25th of May.

Your maternal heart

Rejoices, pious Giuseppa.

What a delicious baby!

He took his beauty from you,

From the Heaven so much light.

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