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Have a good day – 01/01/’10

Through divine grace we are at the beginning of a new year. God alone knows whether we shall reach the end of it, so we should spend it in reparation for the past and in preparing for the future with good resolutions. Good works go hand in hand with good intentions. Leggi tutto »

Have a good day- 31/12/’09

The palm of victory is reserved only for those who fight up to the end. Therefore let us begin this year our holy battle. God will assist us and crown us with eternel triumph. Leggi tutto »

Have a good day- 29/12/’09

And yet, once last hour has come, and our hearts have ceased to beat, everything will be finished for us and the tima to merit as well as to demerit. We will present ourselves to Christ the Judge just as death finds us. Our cries of supplication, our tears, our sighs of repentance, which while still on earth would have won God’s heart, could have made us with the help of the sacraments, saints out of sinners, today is worthless; the time of mercy is passed, now begins the yime of justice. Leggi tutto »

Have a good day- 28/12/’09

The worldly, engulfed in their affairs, live in obscurity and error, nor do they try to learn about God, or give a thoight to their eternal salvation, or try to find out about the coming of that longedfor Messiah who was awaited by men and prophesied and predicted by the prophets. Leggi tutto »

Have a good day – 27/12/’09

Jesus calls the poor and simple shepherds by means of angels to manifest Himself to them. He calls the learned men by means of their science. And all of them moved interiorly by grace hasten to adore Him. He calls all of us with divine inspirations and He communicates Himself to us with his grace. How many times has He not lovingly invited us also? And with what promptitude have we replied? My God I blush and am filled with confusion at having to reply to such a question. Leggi tutto »

Have a good day – 26/12/’09

From the time of his birth Jesus points out our mission, which is to despise what the world loves and seeks. Leggi tutto »

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