Mother’s love, together the fascinating nature and God too, protects some innocent sleeping babies.


Francesco and his little brothers

inthis small room

fell asleep in the evening,


A nest of little birds.

Their tired dad,

wishes them good night.

Their solicitous mum

making the sign of the cross

kisses them and says good night.

“ I switch off your lamp.

My children, sleep in peace.

The Angel looks after you.

The Virgin Mary hugs you.

God blesses you ”.

Then, for a long time,

she prays in another room,

she darns, sews, washes,

and arranges everything

for the new holy day.

The voice of the torrent

joins to her rosary.

The stream Pantaniello sings:

“ O nest of innocence,

the Heaven is smiling at you ”.

Translated by Marilisa Cannarsa

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